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Printing on Clothing

Screen Printing

Pretoria Silk Screen Printers for t-shirt printing and Heat Transfers for printing on t-shirts

Robain Clothing Solutions is a screen printing company in Centurion. Screen printing is also known as silk screening and is mainly used for T-shirts and other clothing materials. Screen printing is recommended for large quantities as the cost per shirt will be less.

Screen Printing Process

1. Artwork is designed from the the image sent in by the client, if the artwork is scanned in or in any format that is not very visible, re-designing of the logo is necessary for a good quality screen printing process. This might take up to 2 days to complete depending on the workload @ R 350.00 all inclusive.

This is not a set-up charge for screen printing (Silk screening), it is graphic designing fee. To avoid this inconvenient amount always send a neat visible logo.

2. The screen printing set-up is done according to the amount of colors used in a logo or artwork. For example : 3 colors = 3 screens, the screens used are made out of film, which then the stencil of the logo for each color is 'engraved'/printed' on to the film. The time limit may vary on full color and one color prints.

3. The screen printing set-up before aligning the shirts needs a great deal of accuracy. Any wrong alignment could lead to a lot of disappointment in the final product of your srcreen printed t-shirts. Therefore it needs a good old checking before any alignment can be approved.

4. Aligning of the shirts is plain straight forward but it depends on the garment being screen printed. What also needs to be taken into consideration is the amount of logos being screen printed and where they are situated on the garment.

5. Screen printing with each screen takes longer if you have hand operated machines which is mostly the case in South African Screen printing / silk screening companies, however using heavy duty industrial screen printing machines is your best bet as they are accurate and the ink spread on the shirt is much more even. This will ensure a nice solid screen print , Sometimes in full color prints, the screen printing may be a little bit darker than expected. But surely nothing to worry about. Screen printing will last for years, but screen printing is mostly applicable on large quantities.

Screen Printing Machines ting Process Screen Printing onto Tshirts


CMYK Screen Printing is done with a transparent process C - (cyan), M - (magenta), Y - (yellow) and B - (black) inks, resulting in a realistic full color finish. For a photo-realistic design on white t-shirts the ideal choice would be a CMYK screen print. Hi-resolution, Jpegs, Bitmaps, and Photo's will be suitable for the Process of CMYK screen printing. A transparent plastisol ink is used on the white t-shirts to avoid printing a white base.

Index spot color screen printing

All-purpose spot color plastisol inks are used for this printing process which results in a full spot Colour finish. Ideally used for high quality and clear defined colors on color garments. As a screen printing company in Centurion, we can screen print up to 8 spot colors to add better quality to your final garment/product. The benefit of using this option is that you get the opportunity to use all textures, Puff Printing, Silver and Gold Shimmer Printing and Process CMYK Screen Printing to combine a unique final garment/product

Shimmer gold and silver screen printing

This screen printing process is done with a small glitter pigment, resulting in a metallic finish. Silver and gold Shimmers combine the best features of glitter and metallic. The shimmer creates a similar effect or finish as that of a metallic color.

Puff Printing

The Screen Printing is done with a thick pigment that results in a raised motif with a rubbery hand, also called rubber printing. The use of this print will give you a more 3 dimensional look and feel because of its raised matt pastel finish. Your thin lines and lighter fonts give a much better finished product than bold, solid designs.

Although our screen printing offices are in Centurion, we can cater for your screen printing in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton and Johannesburg - Gauteng. Feel free to contact us for more information or request a screen printing quotation online.


Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is a digital printing process on a plastic based material that is transferred with heat onto material surfaces. The heat transfer option is ideal for low quantities of garments, caps, name and numbers on rugby, soccer and netball jerseys, bags, folders, safety bibs etc. Heat transfers are charged per sqm of vinyl so the pricing remains the same for a 1 color as well as a full color print.


Sublimation printing is a versatile, digital printing method/process that transfers the printed image into a printable product. Sublimation printers use a specially prepared inkjet printer to transfer the dyes onto the required item (on clothing we can only use polyester though)

Advantage of using sublimation:

  • It will not fade easily (it is colourfast so colours last longer than cotton dyed materials)
  • It does not have any texture or add weight to the garment because it “becomes” part of the garment
  • Creative individuals will be able to customize their own clothing
  • Unlike heat transfers or silkscreen printing, there is no peeling or cracking.
  • Sublimation will last as long as the garment does


  • You may only use white or very light coloured materials.
  • Only polyester (honeycomb) material garments may be used due to the high temperatures used in the sublimation process 

Sublimation 1Sublimation 2Sublimation 3Sublimation 10Sublimation 5Sublimation 6Sublimation 7Sublimation 8Sublimation 9


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